Nov 2, 2023

ACE Championship, the all-electric racing concept, announces its rebranding as FG Series

ACE Championship, the all-electric racing concept, announces its rebranding as FG Series

With a powerful new brand and format, FG Series is poised to bring affordable, accessible, and competitive green energy racing to motorsport fans around the world.

Dilbagh Gill, the former Mahindra Racing Formula E Team Principal, along with former racer Nick Heidfeld, today announced the rebranding of ACE Championship to FG Series. The visionaries behind FG Series have revealed initial details behind the world’s first dual-power, all-electric racing series, set to race as a support series in four regions across the globe starting in 2024.

While retaining the original vision of creating opportunity through affordability at all levels of the sport, Gill and his organisation have uniquely positioned FG Series as the only professional motorsports series capable of delivering a “green racing” solution to all existing formats of the sport. FG Series will compete as a support series on the same tracks, on the same weekends, as existing combustion engine, alternative fuel, and all-electric powered racing events.

Gill further divulged that FG Series has secured all contracts and suppliers necessary to begin competition. This includes the building of a brand new revolutionary open-wheel all-electric race car, the “FG-ETwin”.

Featuring the unique technical ability to be raced at reduced power by a junior driver, and then at full power by a professional driver, the FG-ETwin allows the creation of a two-race format series using a single car. This dual-power technology also reduces all costs of competition, enabling teams to run two races with the budget and crew required for a one car entry.

This innovative set-up allows for double the entertainment value for fans, while giving sponsors twice the branding opportunities, and providing exposure for both emerging and established drivers as they compete in front of larger crowds.

FG Series’ inaugural season, commencing in late 2024, will feature independent championships in four regions (these are to be announced soon), each with 10 team franchises, and 40 drivers, 20 of which will compete in the reduced-power championship “FG-2”, and 20 professional drivers competing in the full powered “FG-1 Championship”.

"FG Series is the first global series to create affordability and accessibility, unique by region..."

“When Nick Heidfeld and I created ACE, we always envisioned two series with the same teams competing around the world at its own events” said Dilbagh Gill, Founder and CEO of FG Series. “As we listened to team owners, promoters, owners of other motorsports series, and various stakeholders, it became clear that each region had its own economic and sustainability challenges and goals that we needed to address if FG Series was to become the leading support series in the fastest growing and underserved sector of motorsports. I am proud that after receiving support at every level of the sport, FG Series, by launching as a support series in multiple regions, is the first global series to create affordability and accessibility, unique by region, that will enable FG Series to attract more diversity in team owners, drivers, mechanics and engineers, while creating significantly more career opportunities on and off the track.”

"FG Series is a truly unique racing platform that will create previously unavailable opportunities."

“This is a championship I am extremely passionate about, and I wanted to be involved since the moment Dilbagh presented his vision” said Nick Heidfeld, legendary Formula 1 driver, and co-founder of FG Series. “As a driver, I recognise the barriers that stand in the way of the opportunity to race competitively and progress through different levels. I believe FG Series is a truly unique racing platform that breaks down many of these, and will create previously unavailable opportunities. At the same time, FG Series will also fill a green racing void that everyone in the sport, from teams, to drivers, sponsors, and promoters, and most importantly race fans around the world, have all been waiting for. I cannot wait for the first races and helping the next generations of drivers become the stars of the future.”

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